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Angels’ Oracle Cards
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Angels’ Oracle Cards

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 A 32 card deck (Size 6,2 x 9,9 cm)
Guidebook in 5 languages (English, Italian, Spanish, French, German)

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The advice of the angels accompany us in everyday life. The celestial forces have been the Lord’s army, a rampart against evil long before the beginning of time. They protect the humans and watch over their emotions sheltering him through Divine grace.

There is a wide variety of Angels within the multitude of Light. The Sacred Scriptures speak of Cherubs, Seraphims, Angels, Archangels, Thrones and Dominations... all varieties of angelic entities with its own task under the Will of the Lord. These ranks don’t need to be thought of as a warlike force fighting continuously against evil to protect the Human from the hidden dangers of the Fallen Angel ... Cherubs and angels walking among men, are invisible but present to give them help, hope and mercy.
Each card represents an aspect of the angelic nature. The person who draws the card should not regard it as an order, a warning or a final sentence, but rather as a suggestion or message from the protective being. It must be interpreted and adapted to the current situation. Communication between the angels and humans is unlikely to occur through words.
First of all, remember that angels can see the truth inside each person’s heart. They know ... and since they exist in the benevolence of Divine grace they do not judge but rather love and protect. That is why man can trust them and find comfort in their help. Inner peace is the silence in which their voice can be heard.
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