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Los Angeles Tarot
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Los Angeles Tarot

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A 78-cards deck (size 6 x 11 cm)

Instruction booklet in 4 languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese)

Can be used both for meditation as well as for fortune telling.

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This tarot helps us to enter the mysterious world of angels and make interpretations that will help us here on earth given that each card represents various situations or persons that have an effect on our life. In addition to which we can also use them to receive help from a particular angel for each problem or situation.

This tarot deck is different from the traditional one made up of  22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana. In this deck the interpretation of each card is much richer and more varied and as we go along we will discover various types of angels, both good and bad,  archangels, fairies, gnomes, seraphim... each one of which having a particular meaning and importance.

In this booklet you will find different ways to spread the cards, depending on what you want from them as well as a basic interpretation for each card by way of a guide. You should be also aware that none of the details, colours, etc... have been chosen by random, far from it, they all have a specific meaning, and even the pictures can help the reader to interpret the cards. To use them it will be necessary to become familiar with them in order to meditate or divine with greater ease given that the images themselves can suggest certain meanings. It is always advised to have 2 tarot decks, one for personal meditation and which should never be touched by any other person and another one for divination which logically will be handled by the questioners.

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