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Below you'll find some synthetic information around stones and their healing properties which requires however to be completed by other sources. Should you wish to get this synthesis (including the stones and colour information) in form of a free booklet to download, please let us know by sending us an e-mail (section "Contact").
... or crystallotherapy  covers the therapeutic effects of gemstones for our physical and psychological wellbeing, through the energy they emit. Several holistic clinics, mainly in Germany, Switzerland and Belgium are already using the stones for their corresponding healing properties. The gemstones are placed directly on the body or near it during healing, as jewelry or within the room based on the expected effect. The physical, mental and spiritual effect of the gemstones has been acknowledged for centuries by many civilizations, in various practices and rituals. These civilizations have intuitively acknowledged the properties of these gemstones which have taken millions of years to crystallize at their present state. At present, as we get closer to nature and the authentic source, we are rediscovering these properties which can benefit our physical and psychological health. Stones buried within our nourishing earth have acquired their energy and continue to maintain the link between the earth and the cosmos and to provide us the benefit of their numerous healing properties.
It has been long proven that all matter is composed of molecules, which in turn are composed of atoms. All these elements vibrate continuously. Stones thus emit their own vibration based on their component elements. The human body is no exception to the rule and each organ also represents a particular vibration rate. These organs are strengthened by several energy meridians. It has also been proven by several scientific experiments that the body contains numerous minerals and crystals. It will therefore not be presumptuous to affirm that man is a “vibrator”. The principle of lithotherapy therefore consists of finding the most appropriate stone for a problem so that complementary vibrations emitted by man and the stone are in resonance and harmony. A stone may be selected based on several criteria, some highly rational. However, it will be preferable to use our intuition to establish a link between the spirit and the stone, since the body best knows what is good for it.
Gemstones function at different levels (all in interaction):
-          Based on their vibration state with specific frequencies for each mineral
-          Based on their physico-chemical properties and the crystalline structure of minerals. Several natural crystals are therefore piezo-electrical (examples: quartz, topaz, tourmaline)
-          Based on the composition of their mineral elements: these are diffused at an infinitesimal dose with skin contact
-          Based on their color (determined by the minerals present) and the wavelength emitted and measured (chromatic vibration waves)
Their energy is therefore diffused throughout our energy system through the nerves, tissues and meridians.
The use of gemstones is not limited to man. For years, their many properties have been used in unexpected and varied fields: The most current example cited is quartz used for its piezo-electric properties in watches to generate clock pulses, as well as in computer memories.
Energy healing
Do not underestimate the power of gemstones and use them wisely. They may be used during relaxation and meditation periods, or they may guide you throughout life to provide balance, harmony and wellbeing, both physical and spiritual.
The gemstones will work wonders in various situations and will help you to confront difficulties in your present life, for problems of physical or psychological origin. They are highly recommended to re-stabilize the energy system, in cases of depression, physical or psychic fatigue, stress and anxiety. They will also reduce pain, provide restful sleep, improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins, resolve skin and capillary problems, or those caused by aging and the libido.
They are often used for their protective power: based on your affinities, you may select black tourmaline, tiger’s eye, labradorite, onyx or turquoise.
Jewelry and lithotherapy:
As we have seen, gemstones interact with our physical bodies (and of course throughout our energy bodies). Wearing jewelry, aside from its aesthetic aspect, can also provide us with wellbeing and will have a targeted effect based on the way it is worn:
Short necklace:
In contact with the 5th chakra (throat), we recommend blue stones such as aquamarine, amazonite, turquoise, chalcedony, etc. It is interesting to note that this chakra is linked to the thyroid. Wearing a short necklace will allow us to modify our attitudes for personal and oral expression, the manifestation of the truth, and more generally, communication with others.
Long chain necklace and pendants:
At the 4th chakra (heart) in the middle of the breast, we recommend green stones (aventurine, chrysoprase, emerald, fluorite, jade, malachite) for stimulation and pink gemstones (rose quartz, morganite, rhodonite, pink topaz) for calmness. At this level, the 5 vital functions, the immunity system and circulation will be reinforced, with action on our emotions, generosity and creative attitudes.
Lower at the 5th chakra (solar plexus), we recommend yellow stones (amber, yellow beryl, tiger’s eye, citrine, calcite). They act directly on our mood and social behavior, and reinforce one’s vitality, endurance, will and action.
Bracelets and rings:
Wearing a bracelet or ring (where the mineral is in contact with the skin) will diffuse energy through the hands and the arms. The heart, pericardium and lung meridians extend to the finger extremities while the triple heater, small intestine and large intestine meridians start from these. Symbolically, the left hand represents the heart and the right hand represents action (even if the heart meridian passes through both hands). More precisely, each finger can reinforce certain qualities:
- Thumb: will - Index finger: wisdom, temperance, justice - Middle finger: will, force, power - Ring finger: vitality, dynamism, solar energy, joy - Little finger: psychic energy, sensitivity, telepathy, intuition
Our ears have several acupuncture points, which include the point which directly affects the third eye: intuition, clairvoyance, knowledge and an artistic sense. However, we personally think that the expected therapeutic effect is limited and we will thus emphasize the aesthetic aspect.
Lithotherapy and children
Young children, open to the outside world and without the mental barriers of adults, are highly sensitive to the energy of gemstones and tend to react more rapidly than adults to their effect. Aside from the beneficial energy provided, we can place a gemstone in their pockets, their pencil case or school bag, or have them wear jewelry (bracelet, a gemstone on a leather or rubber cord) depending on what they prefer. Note that children have a special affinity with gemstones. This is why it will be better if the child himself can choose his own. Some stones are highly beneficial to children, such as:
  • Moss agate: reinforces contact with nature
  • Aquamarine: calms fever, inflammations and heat in general
  • Amber: calms and reduces teeth growing pains in babies, as well as respiratory ailments
  • Amethyst: calms impulsive behavior and insomnia due to excitation
  • Aventurine: moderates their emotions and nervousness
  • Chalcedony: facilitates oral expression in case of speech difficulties
  • Charoite: is effective for calming anxiety, nightmares, sleepwalking
  • Chrysocoila: calms nervous and very talkative children, and allows them to find harmony with respect to their environment
  • Citrine: allows them to affirm their personality and reinforces their self-confidence
  • Fluorite: harmonizes the cerebral functions and increases the faculties of concentration and recentering
  • Hematite: can be useful in case of anemia by improving physical strength
  • Tiger’s eye: will be used for children who are too dependent on their mothers
  • Rose quartz: due to its soft color, can provide comfort and a feeling of security and motherly love.
  • Sodalite: stabilizes the nervous system, facilitates learning by reinforcing the logical mind.
Warning: All this information is merely indicative and will not in any way replace the diagnosis of your doctor or the use of prescribed medicine.
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