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Semi precious stone necklaces

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Fluorite Barbara necklace
Fluorite Barbara necklace
168.00 €
Use the powere of stone with this serpahinite and moonstone necklace
Divi Seraphinit & moonstone necklace
114.00 €
Disocver the power of stone, rhodochrosite and pyrite
Dorine rhodochrosite & pyrite necklace
75.00 €
Dicover the power of gemstones with this pyrite and moonstone necklace
Domineuc pyrite and moonstone necklace
77.00 €
Coral necklace
27.00 €
Bluette angelite necklace (anhydrite necklace)
Bluette angelite necklace (anhydrite necklace)
55.00 €
Discover the power of stones with this semi precious stone necklace in pyrite
Pyrite necklace
60.00 €
Discover the energetic properties of gemstones and precious stones, here green tourmaline necklace, green stone and pyrite
Beautiful semi precious stone green tourmaline & pyrite necklace. Discover the healing properties of the semi precious stones with this necklace.
127.00 €