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Terms and Conditions

The articles we propose in this site comply with the conditions given below. Please read them carefully.

General Terms of Sale (GTS)
Article 1: Objective
The objective of the General Terms of Sale is to define the rights and obligations of parties for the online sale of the goods proposed by Cristalange to the Buyer. However, Cristalange reserves the right to update or modify the General Terms of Sale, including any other supplementary conditions, without prior notice. The client will acknowledge taking note of the present General Terms of Sales when the order is made, and expressly declares full agreement without reservations.
Cristalange promises to sell and deliver the products selected by the Buyer in its site, in compliance with French laws relative to the products. The client promises to pay the amount of the order. The client is solely responsible for selecting the product. In case of partial or total non-execution of the Contract by one of the parties, the Contract binding Cristalange and the client will be duly terminated, without formality or notice, nor damages which may be claimed by the defaulting party.
Article 2: Notice
Cristalange is doing its best to provide the most precise information given at the site. However, we cannot guarantee that the content of our site is totally exempt from errors. This information is given for purely informative purposes and does not bind our responsibility. It cannot in any way replace the diagnosis of your doctor or therapist, nor replace the use of your prescribed medicine. The use of this site constitutes a confirmation that you have read and understood this clause and that you agree with it.
Article 3: Identification – Legal note
Cristalange is a private company established according to Belgium laws in force.
Corporate name:        
Corinne Josseron 
Mechelsesteenweg 291 Appt 201 
2830 Willebroek 
Cristalange is a registered commercial brand at the INPI.
Phone +32 497 47 14 38du lundi au vendredi, de 10 h 00 à 17 h 30 (GMT + 1.00).
e-mail : "info@ cristalange .com"
VAT number: BE0634.811.055
Article 4: Orders
In order to order online, the Buyer must fill up a form provided online which will indicate the information necessary for his identification (His first and last names, postal address, telephone number and email).
After selecting from the products presented, the Buyer will definitively confirm his/her order composed of the articles placed in his cart. Clicking the confirmation of the order implies full acceptance of the General Terms of Sale. This click is considered as the “digital signature”. From this time, the order is recorded and is considered irrevocable on his part.
Any order will be subject to a confirmation by email at the address indicated by the Buyer. We recommend that you save or print a copy of the order form. If the confirmation of the order sent by email is returned to Cristalange due to a wrong email address, the order will be cancelled.
In the same way, in case the stock is exhausted, if there is a supply problem or any other reason to be specified, Cristalange reserves the right not to confirm an order. Cristalange will then inform the client by email, specifying the time in which the articles will be available and offering him the possibility of canceling his order and getting a reimbursement if he has already paid.
Proof of transaction
Computerized records stored in the Cristalange computer systems under reasonable security conditions are considered as proofs of communications, orders and payments made between the parties. The order forms and invoices will be stored on a reliable and durable disc, and can be produced at any time as proof.
Article 5: Sales
Articles in this site are not destined for resale.
Our articles are offered within the limit of available stocks.
For Cristalange creations, the quantities are limited to mineral supplies, and orders will be provided based on the arrival of materials.
Article 6: Rates
Our rates are: Public retail price with all taxes included. However, for countries outside the European community, the invoiced price will exclude taxes. The sale price will include delivery costs based on the geographical area of delivery (see Article 9 of the present GTS). Delivery costs will be indicated on the screen at the bottom of the selection of different articles by the Buyer and again indicated in the summary of the order preceding confirmation.   The cost of your purchase is equal to the invoiced price including all taxes. Based on the laws in force in the delivery zone, eventual taxes (customs duties, importation taxes, local VAT) may be invoiced upon arrival of the products. This will be charged to the Buyer considered as the importer. 
The Buyer is reminded that photos, descriptions and the prices of the products are only given for information since these may change at any time without advance notice, based on the world prices and prices from our Suppliers. Likewise, the Buyer is reminded that minerals used to create the jewelry, accessories and various objects may have slight variations in appearance due to their intrinsic properties. These will not in any way allow the Buyer to make any claims nor engage a liability on the part of the Cristalange Company. However, the selected sale price for the purchase of a product corresponds to the price indicated online at the time when the order is recorded and as indicated in the order confirmation.
In the case of estimates for personal manufacture or for articles not indicated in our site, our price offers will be valid for 30 working days, unless we stipulate otherwise in writing.
Article 7: Payment conditions
Payments for purchases may be made:
-          To the site www.critalange.com using a credit card with a secured means of payment online: Visa, Master Card or American Express, indicating the card number and expiry date in the appropriate boxes provided in the site. The transaction is made according to security standards of the banking sector, and will consequently be perfectly secured. This confidential information is encrypted using the SSL system, with proven reliability for the security of payments. You will therefore benefit from the most effective confidentiality guarantees at present. Only orders with payment authorized by the Bank will be honored.
-          Through a direct deposit to our account, the bank data being communicated at the order validation. It happens that the transfers are subject to bank transaction fees. Cristalange clarifies that these costs can not be charged to Cristalange. In case the customer would ask however that these costs be shared, the company Cristalange will not process the order and will refund the amount perceived, namely the amount paid minus the charges deducted by the bank to the customer's request.
In case of rejection of the Bank payment and/or fraud, the order will be automatically cancelled. Cristalange also reserves the right to file a case against the Buyer.
In the case of a personalized order or for articles not indicated in the site, Cristalange reserves the right to require a down payment for the order, as well as full payment before delivery.

Article 8: Invoicing
Quantities invoiced will be those actually delivered. Invoices will include the corresponding VAT at the rate set by the fiscal regulations in force at the invoicing time. Invoices for export are drawn up with taxes excluded. Products for exportation and delivered in France will be billed with the VAT suspended only after receipt by Cristalange of the necessary documents issued by the tax services and provided by the Buyer.
Article 9: Deadlines – Shipment
We will ship most of the orders within 7 calendar days after the order is made. However, since the delivery deadline will depend on our Suppliers for some imported articles, with an unforeseen case or stock depletion, we will inform you at the soonest possible time by email of the date in which the articles will be available. In this case, you will have the possibility of canceling the order and receiving reimbursement if payment has already been made.
Shipping costs will be charged to the consignee and will in addition be billed for the price of products ordered according to the mentioned rate. The merchandise will travel at the risk of the consignee. Eventual customs duties and importation costs for products in the destination country of the client will be charged to it and will be additionally invoiced by the importer country.
Products will be delivered at the address specified in your order. Any order returned due to an incorrect address or absence will be charged to the Buyer.
Deliveries will be carried out by post upon full payment. Based on the availability of products selected by the Buyer, Cristalange reserves the right to carry out total or partial deliveries. However, shipping costs will only be charged once per order of the Buyer.
The table below indicates the average delivery time and the corresponding costs based on the country of destination. These periods are given solely for information. Our responsibility is limited to the shipment date and will not in any way be questioned for a delay caused by non-compliance with the forwarding period. Non-compliance with the set period will not incur a penalty, indemnity or damages, nor justify the cancellation, even partial, of the order.


Approximate delivery time
Participation in costs
2 working days
5.95 Euros
Europe, Switzerland
3 working days
7.95 Euros
Rest of the world
3 to 7 working days
11.50 Euros


Cristalange is pleased to offer you shipment free of charge for any order equal to or above 150 Euros (before application of shipping costs).
Participation in costs required of the Buyer includes:
-          Costs for the preparation of the parcel
-          Packaging, and
-          Mailing costs through the post office, either by simple forwarding or by recommended mail.
In case of absence: For a parcel sent by registered mail, a postal notice will be sent to the Buyer to allow him to claim the parcel from the post office nearest the address indicated for delivery. The Buyer will then have 15 days to claim the parcel from the indicated post office. If the deadline is exceeded, the parcel will be re-shipped cash on delivery, with charges paid by the Buyer. Cristalange will not be held responsible for the deterioration of products in case of a late withdrawal or non-withdrawal of the products by the client from the post office.
Parcels with simple forwarding may be placed in the mailbox. The Buyer will be responsible for their receipt.
Damage during shipment:
Upon receipt, the consignee must verify the articles delivered in the presence of the forwarder. The Buyer will be responsible for rejecting a parcel with any anomaly (breakdown, missing part based on the delivery note, damaged parcel, broken products). Please inform us immediately by email to allow us to establish the procedures for replacing your order. Without this, we cannot provide an exchange. Any product subsequently declared as damaged during transport, without any complaint expressed during receipt of the package, will not be exchanged.
Article 10: Return policy
Before returning products for any problem, complaint or withdrawal, please inform us by email so that we can give you a return address.
Satisfaction or reimbursement:
In accordance with the legal provisions in force (Article L121-20 of the Consumption Code), the consumer will have a period of 7 calendar days (counted from the receipt date of your order) to exercise the right to withdraw the order, without having to justify his reasons nor pay penalties, with the exception of return costs, if applicable. However, only products returned in their complete and intact original packing, with no modification of any kind, and in perfect condition for re-sale, will be accepted. Any product which has been damaged or whose original package has deteriorated will neither be reimbursed, taken back nor exchanged. The articles will be returned under your responsibility. Preferably, they must be returned in packages indicating insurance at the invoice value. If a package is returned without insurance, Cristalange will not be held responsible for losses or theft during transport.
The Buyer can therefore either ask for a reimbursement of amounts paid (excluding transport costs) or exchange the product. Reimbursement will be carried out at the soonest possible time based on the initial means of payment. For an exchange, the reshipment will be charged to the Buyer.
Any complaint regarding the content of the delivery, its compliance with the delivery note and the apparent quality of the merchandise will only be accepted if this is carried out within 7 calendar days following receipt of the merchandise. For defective articles or an error on our part, the shipping costs to return the product will be reimbursed to you based on the initial means of payment, upon receipt of your package. Your article will then be replaced and reshipped at the soonest possible time. In case this article is no longer available, Cristalange may propose an equivalent article or proceed with the reimbursement of the article concerned.
Articles not indicated in the catalogue or personalized orders upon the special request of a client will not be taken back or exchanged.
Article 11: Responsibility – Ownership-reservations
The merchandise delivered will remain our property until complete payment of their price. Risks inherent with the conservation of the sold articles will be under the responsibility of the Buyer. Ownership of the products will be transferred to the client upon complete payment of the price. Non-payment for any reason whatsoever will require the return of the sold merchandise. This notice will be sent by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt addressed to the Buyer after a notice to pay with no reply. The Buyer must then return the unpaid merchandise without delay and at its expense. In case of difficulty in payment, he will be constrained by a simple provisional Court order.

Article 12: Quality – Guarantee
We take great care in the creation of our jewelry and the selection of our Suppliers. Several articles offered in this site are handmade. It is therefore possible that their color or size will vary slightly. Photos, descriptions and prices of the products are therefore not contractual.
Unless indicated in particular, our jewelry consists of natural semi-precious stones mounted on 925 silver plated or 18 karat gold.
The present provisions will assure the consumer of the legal guarantee required of a professional vendor for all consequences of hidden defects in the sold article.
Cristalange creations: Cristalange assures a client follow-up for eventual repairs of jewelry we have created as soon as the jewelry and its components are returned to us. Please consult us for repair rates.
Products selected by Cristalange and proposed for sale:
Articles re-sold by Cristalange are guaranteed within the limit granted by our Suppliers. After examination by Cristalange, the article acknowledged as defective may be replaced or repaired under this guarantee. After damages or injury caused to person or a good due to a product defect, the consumer may file a complaint against the Manufacturer. Voluntary or accidental modification and deterioration, normal wear or the consequences of abnormal use, the loss of stones or other jewelry components, are not covered by this guarantee.
Costs for returning the articles to us and back to the Buyer will be charged to the latter.
Article 13: Maintenance of your jewelry
To guarantee the constant quality of your jewelry, a few simple common sense rules must be applied: regularly check your jewelry clasps, hooks, snaps, chains and various components to assure their solidity. Avoid exposing jewelry to chemical products (household products, perfume, cosmetics, lacquer, acid) which may tarnish or damage it. Do not wear jewelry in the swimming pool, in seawater or sulfurous water, nor expose it to extreme temperatures or undue wear during sports activities.
In case of rusting or tarnishing of your jewelry, you may use a soft cloth for cleaning. If your jewelry does not have pearls or gemstones, you may also use a specific cleaning product for silver jewelry.
Article 14: Copyright
Cristalange is a trademark with number '08/3548437 .
The Cristalange.com, cristalange.fr sites and the Cristalange trademark are the exclusive property of the Cristalange Company. Any reproduction or use of the name is prohibited.
Images presented in this site are for the sole purpose of promoting and selling the products. They are the property of Cristalange. Unless there is written authorization by Cristalange, any total or partial reproduction of these images is strictly prohibited and may be subject to lawsuits.

Article 15: Confidentiality – Privacy
Cristalange promises not to transfer or sell information gathered from users of its Internet site www.cristalange.com. Likewise, email addresses communicated by users for purposes of sponsorship will only be used for publicity by Cristalange and will not in any way be transferred or sold to third parties. 
This information is stored in our database and will only be used to process your orders online, to improve our services, or eventually to provide you with information concerning our activities. However, you may refuse to be part of our client file by sending a simple written request either through email to "info@cristalange. com" or by mail sent to the address indicated in Article 3.
In accordance with French laws on Information and Liberties of 6 January 1978 relative to information technology, files and liberties, you will have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning you.
The Cristalange boutique site is covered by a declaration to CNIL (Commission Nationale Informatique et Liberte) (National Information and Liberty Commission).
Numéro de déclaration CNIL : 1318612
Article 16: Gifts
If you wish to make a gift, Cristalange proposes that you send the article directly to the person of your choice, with the address mentioned for delivery. You may also enclose a “Cristalange” card with your gift, with your personal notes indicated during your order. The invoice will be sent to you separately by mail.
Gift check:
Gift checks are also available for 30 (thirty) Euros. These will be sent to you upon your order, or by mail if you do not wish to make an order. In any case, please contact us by mail.
Article 17: Links
The Cristalange site has links to websites used by associations or other companies. If you click these links, you will leave our site and Cristalange will no longer be responsible for the content of these new sites.
Article 18: Jurisdiction
The present General Terms are subject to Belgium laws. In any case, the maximum liability of Cristalange will not exceed the price of the purchased product. 
In case of a lawsuit or complaints with our Suppliers and our clients, the two parties will, as a priority, try to reach an amicable solution. In case no agreement can be reached, the Mechelen Court will be solely competent, even in the case of several defenders/class action or proceedings against the guarantor which may take the form of giving third-party notice.
Users of the Cristalange site accessing it from areas outside Belgium acknowledge that they have done so voluntarily and are therefore responsible for complying with local laws.
Force majeure:
A force majeure case is any fact or circumstance independent of the will of the parties, unforeseeable, inevitable, and which cannot be prevented by the latter in spite of all reasonably possible efforts. The two parties will meet to examine the effect of the event and to agree on conditions under which contract execution will be continued. If the force majeure case lasts for more than one month, the present General Terms may be terminated by the injured party.

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