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Rock crystal icosahedron
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Rock crystal icosahedron

Rock crystal icosahedron

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Rock crystal icosahedron

Natural stone: rock crystal

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20 faces (equilateral triangles), 12 points and 30 edges.
1 size available: volume inscribed in a sphere of about 2,5 or 3 cm (2 cm & 2,5 out of stock)

The icosahedron is connected to water and also to the fluidity, the dissolution and purity. Water is a medium of communication of all information in our environment. Associated with Venus according to the model of the universe of Kepler.


In meditation, the icosahedron is a transmitter / receiver antenna that allows an individual to achieve the unconditional love of self (total acceptance), to communicate a personal wish or information to the community. The wave form that it emits amplifies the power of the antenna structure that is the personal natural energy and boosts the fifth chakra, seat of the social conscience. The icosahedron connects us with our emotional soul.



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Rock crystal icosahedron

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