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Discover the energetic properties of gemstones with this combination of the sacred geometry and the power of stones with this tiger's eye star of  merkaba
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Tiger’s eye Merkaba

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Natural stone : tiger’s eye



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Tiger’s eye: Protective stone by excellence to bear on ourself as it reflects the negative to its issuer. Strengthens the will and self-confidence.


Dimensions: Fits in a cube of 3,5 cm side, 4,5 cm diagonally, 5,5 cm from a point to the opposite one

- when you buy a Merkaba on the internet, pay attention to the given dimension which is mainly the one corresponding to the size between one point to the opposite one (as given by suppliers)
- Representative pictures but not contractual (supplier’s property)
- these Merkaba being hand-polished might show some unevenness, in the stone quality or at the points


The Merkaba Star is a sacred form which represents the light field generated by the rapid rotation of specific geometric forms that simultaneously affect the body and mind of an individual. It is therefore a powerful support during spiritual, physical and emotional healing process. It is one of the most powerful transmitter of waveforms known!

The Merkaba Star gives us protection and healing and with its strong ability to allow energy to flow freely, it allows us to cope with stress, sadness, depression and insomnia. The Merkaba balances and stimulates exchanges between the two hemispheres of our brain. Moreover, this sacred form can be "programmed" with positive intentions whose goal is to create its own reality harmonious based on unconditional love! Therefore we are pleased to propose it to you in natural semi precious stone.

Inside, the Merkaba is a powerful ambience harmonizer and an atmosphere purifier, it relieves tension and reduces all the imbalances caused by electromagnetic disturbances in our modern life (cell phone, computer, high voltage lines, television , microwave ...).

More details about gemstones healing properties in the section "Gemstones"



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