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» » » Snowy obsidian, howlite and red jasper necklace
Discover the healing power of stones with this semi precious stone necklace with red jasper, howlite and snowy obsidian
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Snowy obsidian, howlite and red jasper necklace

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Natural semi precious stones : red jasper, howlite, snowy obsidian

Stone dimensions: 2,8 cm x 2 cm
Chain length: 55 cm
Lobster claw
925 silver and silvered metal


The length of this necklace can be adapted as the lobster claw is at the end of the chain.


Energetic properties


Howlite: Mainly known for its calming action and for its contribution to the elimination of edema and water retention when dieting.


Snowflake Obsidian: Facilitates the return to the child in oneself, its liveliness and spontaneity, helps to disconnect while meditating or during travelling initiation. Protector and reassuring, it connects us to the ground, evicting illusions and depressions. Regulates blood circulation, improves vision and accelerates the healing process.


Jasper: Support for meditation and good decisions making to move forward.

More details about stones healing properties in the section “Gemstones"

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