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» » » “Fire of Sensuality” elixir with garnet & rock crystal
Utilize the crystal elixirs (gemstone water) to enhance your well being with garnet and rock crystal. Discover the healing power of natural semi precious stones on cristalange.com
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“Fire of Sensuality” elixir with garnet & rock crystal

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Natural gemstones: garnet & rock crystal

Dimensions : 70 x 70 x 400 mm


Please note that we sell these articles only in metropolitan France and in Belgium. For any other country, please contact us before ordering. Thanks for your understanding.

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This vial to prepare a pure elixir of semi precious stones (gemstones) contains garnets and rock crystals.


Open your senses to beauty and inspiration in this world. Remove unnecessary inhibitions and intensify
your perception of self and others. The effect of garnet is described in many publications, which is why this elixir is named „Fire of Sensuality.” Discover your own sensuality with this gemstone mixture or give it as a gift, for example as a wonderful and unusual wedding present.


Garnet healing properties: Develops willpower, self-confidence and the perseverance required to carry out projects, giving pleasure in the activity and with assurance of success. Supports depressive people by restoring their joy in life.

Rock crystal: Symbol of purity and wisdom, it is a stone of protection which multiplies energy, improves intuition and meditation. The milky quartz helps to concentrate, to keep the balance and increase vitality


More details about stones healing properties in the section “Gemstones"

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