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» » » Skincare: amethyst, aventurine & rose quartz
Utilize the crystal elixirs (gemstone water) to enhance your well being with amethyst, aventurine quartz & rose quartz. Discover the healing power of natural semi precious stones on cristalange.com
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Skincare: amethyst, aventurine & rose quartz

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Natural gemstones : green aventurine, amethyst & rose quartz


Dimensions : 70 x 70 x 400 mm


Please note that we sell this article only in metropolitan France and in Belgium. For any other country, please contact us before ordering. Thanks for your understanding.


Internal beauty care. A fresh, smoothlooking skin is a sign of youth and health, something to maintain as long as possible. Then a good and deep sleep, a nutrient-rich diet, and sufficient pure water are essential to achieve this goal. Equally important for our skin cells and tissues is to feed them, clean and toning. Numerous beauty salons utilize this elixir „Skincare“ as a firm component of their beauty program.


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Aventurine: Pierre of free will, chance and adventure, it is deemed to bring luck and prosperity. Beneficial stone and tender, encourages letting- go and freedom of thought. Effective against skin diseases.


Amethyst healing properties: Sedative, it strengthens Love and allows the opening to the subtle world. Spiritual support, it helps during meditation and reflection. It provides a peaceful sleep, relieves migraines and circulatory problems, aid in cases of addiction (alcohol, tobacco…).


Rose Quartz: calming properties, tenderness and gentleness in human relationships. Lighten splitting headache and insomnia. Absorbs smooth negative energy and replaces it with loving vibrations. Especially recommended for children.


Plus de détails sur les propriétés des pierres dans la section «Minéraux»


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