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Jewelry for kids


Young children, open to the outside world and not having the mental barriers of adults are very sensitive to the energy of the stones and tend to react more quickly than adults to their effects. (More details in the section Gemstones) .

In this section you will find a selection of jewelry for young children selected for the properties of the gemstones from which they are made or simply because the sweetness and tenderness emerging from their design have attracted us. 
The jewels we offer in this section are not only intended for very young children and it is likely they will also seduce their elders. However, keep in mind that the dimensions are suitable for children. 


Amber necklace

The reputation of amber necklaces for babies is not to be done anymore thanks to its calming and relaxing effects to mitigate their dental pain. It also avoids infections in the folds of the neck. Indeed, amber is known mainly for its properties to regulate, clean and harmonize the energy flow throughout the body. Therefore, the adults are also pleased to wear it to stay fit or to warm the body. Moreover, this resin can help to open up to others, to help to consider any situation with realism and optimism. It eases our fears, quiet, supports the success of our business and promotes the process of self healing. This symbol of radiation and heavenly energy shows us the way.
In the Middle Ages, the amber was part of the six most effective drugs and its use was reserved for the privileged, kings and the papacy. Beginning of last century, Amber is still sold in pharmacies thanks to its medicinal properties that were attributed to it. 
Amber is a resin which was formed a few tens of millions of years. Its composition may vary slightly depending on the origine which explains variations in hue. It contains millions of times more information about our planet than any other material from the mineral world.




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