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Spiritual protection amulet with chain
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Spiritual protection amulet with chain

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Amulet for spiritual protection


925 Silver

Dimensions 2.8 x 2.6 cm
Handmade in Israel

Delivered with an approx. 60 cm silvered chain

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Spiritual protection: mainly spiritual / mental action. Built a permanent barrier of defense against spirits, demons and negative humans. Brings calm and peace stability and confidence in itself. Suitable for everyone but especially those who deal with the mental creation, like artists, and those who deal with people spiritually.


Amulet mentioned in the Book of Creation, at the origin of the Kabala. Engraved both sides with original Hebrew letters from King’s Solomon’s time. Solomon, viewed as the wisest man, considered everything in a dual way: contradictory and complementary, hence the letters both sides.

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