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Review of Canon A on Mandala & mantra necklace; om & salutations to Laksmhi

Discver our range of spiritual jewels in silver, then this mantra mandala shaped necklace, symbol of abundance, fortune and awakening. A nice gift idea. Mandala & mantra necklace; om & salutations to Laksmhi
Spiritual jewel mantra
Mantra engraved on this pendant (pronunciation) : my shree ohm- ha -aye Shmee lock- swa -ha
Om & greetings to Laksmhi (or Lakshmi ), goddess of abundance
Available in 2 formats:
S: diameter 25 mm - width of the circle 2 mm - 40 cm chain > OUT OF STOCK
M: diameter 33 mm - width of the circle 3 mm - 45 cm chain
This silver jewelry, in the shape of a mandala, is a mantra prayer to Laksmhi, Hindu goddess of abundance, generosity,  inherent wealth, fertility and wealth .
Benefactress and despite the fact that jewelry and gold are her symbols, it is all about inner wealth that is here. Lakshmi, depicted on a lotus (see our lotus flower jewellery) has four hands symbolizing the spiritual virtues. Also goddess of beauty, she is represented with two white elephants bringing good luck .
It should be noted that Lakshmi is worshiped by Ganesh (see the pendant mantra to Ganesh) as well as numerous other deities.
This mantra, shaped as a mandala, is expected to slide freely on a chain when you want to use it as a prayer, as a guide. Thus it will release its intention at every turn.
The mantra is a succession of syllables, words that are repeated in a melody, a rhythm. Its power is based on the repetition of these sounds, on their vibrations and the resonance of the repeted sounds. It is thus important that the pronunciation of the mantra is respected as mentioned above.
Most of the time , the mantra is associated with a deity, here the goddess Lakshmi . The mantra is often used as a support in meditation to achieve a spiritual or physical benefit and may actually be accompanied by prayers, visualizations, mudras (hand position during meditation) of malas (108 beads necklace used as rosary)
The mandala is also used as a support for meditation. This Sanskrit word means " circle, community, environment, sphere", a circle in which one melts during the meditation . The mandala is a sign of recognition and can mean one who receives a gift (master) that the giver (disciple) is ready to receive his teaching.
It is recommended to use this mantra to generate any form of abundance.
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- Review added the Monday 16 October 2023by Canon A

I really love this necklace.

Very good quality

and very thoughtful presentation