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Review of Alexandru S on Flower of Life pendant handmade

Flower of Life pendant handmade Flower of Life pendant handmade
Exceptional pendant produced by a German designer, produced the traditional way and respecting all principles and dimensions of the sacred geometry .
Diameter of the outer circle : 3.4 cm
Thickness of the outer circle : 4,5 mm
Metal: blackened silver
Weight : 15 to 16 grams
This jewel produced in very respectfull manner has a strong vibratory power due to its shape, its exact dimensions. Unlike most of the Flower of Life pendants, this one is in 3 dimensions (it is not flat) .
A rather exclusive jewelry (limited production and not mass) to offer to a very precious person (you offer the Universe principles!) ! A jewel that you will not find everywhere (stocks and production are very limited) and for which you will only receive compliments!
The Flower of Life is the basis of all creation. By wearing this pendant, it is the Universe that you wear, its vibration, its potential ! The Flower of Life contains all the principles of life, is the ultimate source, the transition from chaos to order. It is the holiest mandala that contains the Gold number, the Seed of Life, the Egg of life, the Platon solids, the cube of Metatron , the tree of life ... The Flower of Life contains all mysteries, secrets of the Universe! Based on the current knowledge, the oldest representation identified comes from ancient Egypt and is located in the temple of Osiris at Abydos , engraved in granite. It went through the time to show us its exceptional beauty and power .


This pendant being produced by a craftman, it can also be produced in gold. However we do not have these pieces on stock and they will be considered as "tailored order" and will not be subject to exchange (exception of course when there is a visible defect)
Deliver leadtime: about 3 weeks
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- Review added the Thursday 01 June 2017by Alexandru S

Thanks for the beautiful pendant Flower of life.And very promt delivery.