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Mandala & mantra necklace; om & salutations to Saraswati
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Mandala & mantra necklace; om & salutations to Saraswati

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Mandala & mantra necklace; om & salutations to Saraswati

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Mandala & mantra necklace; om & salutations to Saraswati
Spiritual mantra jewel
Mantra associated with this jewel (pronunciation) :
ohm je suis sah-rah swat-té-swa-ha
Om & greetings to Saraswati, Goddess of Creativity
Diameter 33 mm - width of 3 mm circle
Silver chain 45 cm, clasp
This jewel is in the form of a mandala, mantra prayer to Saraswati, Goddess of Creativity ; creativity through knowledge!
Sarasvati, wife of Brahma, is the goddess of wisdom and knowledge, eloquence and the arts. In Vedic times, Sarasvati was also the goddess of rivers and as such, is also known to fertilize the Earth and then, any other "filed" as our brain!
Saraswati teaches then the discipline of the mind to Brahma. The Vedas, children of the goddess, in turn transmit him the knowledge on how to escape the distractions and temptations of the sensual world. That is why Saraswati is also known to help eliminate distractions so that the learning and self-development are serene. One also said that Saraswati is the one who invented the Sanskrit as well as the Devanagari writing. That is why she is particularly venerated by schoolchildren, students and teachers !
Materialism does not interested her, which is why she is often represented simply dressed in a white sari, wearing less jewelry than most other Indian deities or representations. She is sometimes reprensented riding a large white swan or a peacock or sitting on a lotus flower, holding in one of his four hands , the book of the Veda.
Known throughout Asia, sometimes under other names (eg Surasawadee in Thailand, Yang chen my Tibet ... ), she is also the guardian of the celestial law in Japan, China and Korea.
This jewel in the form of a mandala used as a prayer;  the ring engraved with the mantra should slide freely on its chain (or cord ) while pronouncing the syllables composing the mantra. It is the repetition of sounds, vibrations spoken sounds that give power to the mantra here, in this case associated with the Goddess Saraswati mantra.
The mantra is often used as a support in meditation in order to achieve a spiritual or physical benefit. We can according to his feelings accompany prayers, visualizations, mudras (hand position during meditation) of malas (108 beads necklace used as beads) ...
The mandala can also be used during meditation, is a sign of recognition and can mean one who receives a gift (master) that the giver (disciple) is ready to receive his teaching.
This jewel mantra and help you in any educational or artistic approach. 
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Mandala & mantra necklace; om & salutations to Saraswati

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