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» » » Gain Momentum elixir with chalcedony, moss agate & milk opal
Utilize the crystal elixirs (gemstone water) to enhance your well being with blue chalcedony, moss agate and milk opal, natural semi precious stones on cristalange.com
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Gain Momentum elixir with chalcedony, moss agate & milk opal

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Natural gemstones: chalcedony, moss agate & milk opal


Dimensions : 70 x 70 x 400 mm


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This vial to prepare pure elixir of semi precious stones (gemstones) contains chalcedony, moss agate and milk opal.


For many, to gain momentum internally and externally is a condition of greatest harmony, being in tune with their environment. To enhance inner flow means to increase oxygen and nutrient supply to the body’s cells and to favor the excretion of waste products. When the bodily processes are optimized, the aging process slows down and the longevity of cells increases. Pure, vital water can support these processes extremely well.

Immerse the vial in a carafe containing water. After 7 minutes, your elixir of gemstones is ready to use and you can enjoy the beneficial vibrations of the stones in the carafe in a secure way.


The Advantages

  • Safe, hygienic handling with best results
  • No chemical impurities
  • No contamination through unclean crystals
  • No potential poisoning through release of harmful substances
  • Unproblematic care and easy cleaning



  • In each item’s price, is included extra for shipment in suitable packaging. Despite the care taken, in case, it is found at reception that the vial is damaged, thank you for letting us know immediately and send us a pictured dated. The article will be replaced but the return of the vial and stones will be required.
  • We sell this product in France and Belgium. For any other country, thank you consult us before ordering.


Healing properties of the gemstones contained in this vial:


Chalcedony: Facilitates both family and professional relationships, provides insurance, lightness as well as an optimistic attitude. Effective in throat and larynx disease cases, it purifies the respiratory system. Improves memory. Absorbs the negative energy and dissipates it.


Agate: Reinforces the positive and constructive thoughts. Providing stability, protection and security, it reinforces self-confidence, optimism, perseverance and courage while facilitating the grip. Especially beneficial for pregnant women.


Opal healing properties: The opal vibrates on the same wavelength as the person carrying it. Enhances positive mood and/or positive intentions. Relieves migraines and eye problems.

More details about stones healing properties in the section “Gemstones"

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