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Citrine Bracelet 8 Shape
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Citrine Bracelet 8 Shape

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8 Shape for Period-8
(See information in section Feng-Shui > A Propos...)
Pearls: 0,7 x 0,5 cm
This super wealth enhancing citrine bracelet is recommended by many Feng Shui Masters as the most potent item to be used to provide energy and create wealth luck in Period 8. The citrine, mined from earth as well as its yellow color which is also an earth element color multilplies the earth luck. It brings money luck to those who wear it at their right arm. Increases self-confidence, desire and creativity. Strengthens intellect and memory. Efficient with anything connected to education, business and relationships with others. Also known as the wealth or abundance stone which can bring money from unexpected sources, it increases affluence and helps retain it. Stimulates kidneys, liver and body muscles. Good for digestion. See also section «Gemstones»
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