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Prosperity Bagua Kitchen/Fire Place
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Prosperity Bagua Kitchen/Fire Place

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Diameter: 3.86 inch (9,8 cm)
Thickness. 2 mm  
Weight: 100 g

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This Bagua “Chao Chye" Coin is made to cure scenarios where 5-Yellow falls kitchens or fire places of ones home or premises either of the flying star chart (at the origin or annual). 5-Yellow belongs to earth element. Therefore, the presence of fire energy in sectors invaded by 5-Yellow will complete the productive cycle of 5 Elements and invoke the negative aspects of the 5-Yellow. The bagua trigrams inscribed on a form of a chinese coin (circle at the perimeter and a square in the center) combines the forces of magical bagua and the heaven-earth-mankind trinity to neutralize the harmful 5-Yellow. Meanwhile the powerful characters of "chao chye ching pao" will turn bad luck into prosperity luck. Place this coin nearby the stove or the fireplace with the bagua facing upwards.

Note: The dimension of 3.86 inches as well as the brass material are essential to counter the 5-Yellow.
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